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Strolz Model Information

All models are customized to accommodate each individual skier's fit requirements.


NEW! The Evolution S is designed for easy entry and exit by changing the shell configuration from a 2 layer over lap to a 3 piece construction with a removable hinge tongue. The Evolution also features a walk mode to help you move around the base area and a new 3 adjustment buckle system that is durable and easy to use!

Strolz SWM

NEW! The Evolution C has everything that is featured in the Evolution S, the only difference is the Evolution C is made from a softer plastic, allowing for a nice smooth ride!

Strolz SWM

This model is generally reserved for very aggressive and very strong skiers. The flex is significantly stiffer than the black plastic model. (Because there is no standard for measuring flex, our boots do not have a Flex Index).

Strolz SWM

This model is generally reserved for off piste skiing, deep powder snow and ungroomed slopes. The cuff is one piece but has a softer, easier flex at the top with the tortional rigidity in the base to stand up to high speed turns.

Strolz SWM

NEW! Our first ever women's specific freeride boot! Designed for a hard driving female skier who is looking for torsional stiffness to control turns and a forgiving cuff to soften landings and uneven terrain.

Strolz SWM

This model features a split cuff that provides a smooth and even flex pattern. This cuff also sits lower on the calf for those with shorter Achilles.

Strolz Sportive

The SWM also has a split cuff, but this boot has a much wider opening on the top half of the cuff (silver portion) to accommodate skiers who need more room. The SWM liner is also designed for skiers with larger calves. The SWM is also available in an orange shell, for strong, aggressive skiers who want a very stiff boot.

Strolz SWM

While Strolz does not make an AT shell, we do make a Strolz leather AT liner for alpine touring boots. We custom fit our liner into touring boot shells such as the Scarpa Maestrale for men or the Scarpa Gia for women.

Strolz Orange Race