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Strolz ski boots combine traditional craftsmanship with the power of technical innovation. The foundation for this philosophy was laid in 1921 by Ambros Strolz in Lech, Austria. Ambros manufactured ski boots for the very first ski sport enthusiasts from his cobbler's workshop in the heart of the Arlberg.

Following in Ambros Strolz's footsteps, his son Martin successfully expanded the company. His experience as a master orthopedic shoemaker and champion ski racer provided the know-how to bring the design and manufacture of ski boots to a higher more sophisticated level.

Strolz has equipped the Austrian and other successful national ski teams for many decades. In the 1970s Strolz successfully adapted to the use of plastic shells and designed a custom fitting system. The system has been continually improved and perfected over the last 50 years.

Three Generations of Strolz Ski Boots

The modern Strolz design is focused on comfort and function. Eight decades and three generations of experience has proved the absolute necessity of uniting both demands. Just as Martin Strolz combined his experiences as a master orthopedic shoemaker and alpine racer, Hannes Strolz has expanded his acquired shoemaking craft with a formal degree in industrial and mechanical design. Strolz is constantly furthering their boot know-how and development. When manufacturing ski boots, they incorporate the latest discoveries in material research and orthopedics. That's why each Strolz ski boot generation sets new standards in fitting form, wearing comfort and power transmission.